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We have had 2 testers dating back to the mid to late 90’s. The first one worked flawlessly until it succumbed to a fire that saw us lose our entire shop (nothing to do with the tester). The nest was one of the first things we purchased for replacement after the fire. It has been working flawlessly as well and us used on a daily basis. As you might suspect with a machine as simple and easy to use, the use of product support is rarely needed, and we have never had to use it. The quality for price is spot on for this machine and if ever the need arises that we need another machine we would definitely purchase another one, now being wireless would be even handier. We would 100% recommend this tester to anyone who needs one, the only thing we have done since we bought it was change the battery and charge it once in a while. I wish everything we purchase was this trouble free. Thanks again for making such a wonderful project.
All the best,
John Henry
Brady Trucking
We here at Wes-Trans have enjoyed using the Instrument Tester on the trailers that we have had in our shop. It is durable, reliable, and easy to use. The capability of being able to have one person operate the instrument is a great benefit. The quality of the product is outstanding from the price, if we were ever in need for another, we would definitely purchase another. We would 100% recommend this product to anyone who would need one.
Thank you,
Cory McCaughn
Service Manager, Wes-Trans
It is an absolute pleasure to work with the Halls Instrumentation truck and Transport Classic 2 diagnostic tool. Mackie Equipment has reviewed other testers on the market and determined that the Halls Instrumentation tester is the most robust, durable, and reliable. In the truck and trailer workshop environment this is a huge benefit.
Simplicity of operation is the key feature, plug in and go. We also found the remote-control brake actuation feature aids in one man diagnosis, This is a great system with excellent support!
Darren Mackie
Mackie Ltd.
Presently we own four of Halls Truck and Trailer Diagnostic testers. Each unit has performed excellent. The 1st one we purchased was in early 2000 and is still operating. Simple and easy to operate, and if any part breaks it is probably something you use on your trucks. If require another I know where I will go or advise others the same.
Gary Cheney
Spearing Service L.P.